Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Prevent Noise Pollution ... !

1. The first and foremost effect of noise is decrease in the efficiency of working. Thus a person has to suffer from embarrassment. Let us stop it. 
2.. Due to lack of concentration resulting from noise, people need to devote more time to complete their tasks leading to fatigue, which is the most harmful effect of noise.
3. Traffic noise, Low flying Aircraft, Bulldozers, Loaders, Rail-roads, Vacuum cleaners, Mixers, Machinery, Boilers,Generators are major source of noise pollution.
4. Noise pollution indirectly affects the vegetation. Plants require cool and peaceful environment to grow. Noise pollution demolishes the quality of crops.
5. Being surrounded by too much of noise, people can be victims of certain diseases like blood pressure, mental illness etc. So avoid noise to be healthy.
6. Very high levels of noise can wake people from their sleep with a jerk and keep them awake. This could make them irritable. So avoid loud horns.
7. We should create general awareness among the people towards the hazardous effects of noise pollution by having collaborative meetings.