Thursday, 10 May 2012

Save Environment - Can you help ... ?

 Let us begin with the following questions:-
1. How many persons of all ages die in India every day?
2.   How many of the dead in India are buried and how many consigned to flames every day in accordance with the age old ‘Last Rites’ followed by various religions?
3.   For those who are consigned to flames, how much Firewood is consumed every day?
4.   How much of the earth’s surface is thus denuded of precious trees to provide Firewood for consigning the dead Indians to flames in an year?
Till the statisticians (if there is any listening at all) prepare their estimates surpassing the possible Ifs and Buts, considering the burgeoning population of unwieldy India, I can safely presume the answers to Questions 3 & 4 as just ‘Mind Boggling’. And that can safely help in estimating the huge damage being caused to the Environment in terms of Oxygen Loss, Global Warming etc.
The natural question is, “How to prevent this huge damage being caused on recurring basis to the Environment?”
With malice towards none, I have a solution pure and simple which will save the precious trees so indispensable for Environment!
Just think of burning the dead bodies in Electric Crematoriums instead of using Firewood.
No doubt, for that ‘the powers that be’ will have to provide efficient facility of Electric Crematoriums all over the country at cheaper rates compared to the traditional method. For that purpose, a dedicated power grid will be required at national level to produce electricity from the Wind and Solar energy, naturally available in abundance in our country. The whole project implemented seriously will certainly create huge employment opportunities in public as well as private sectors at national level.
It is but natural, lavish subsidies and other incentives including free cartage will have to be given through a department to be specially created for this purpose. Given the all pervading corruption in India, no doubt some scandals and frauds like Fodder Scam, G-2 Scam, CWG Scam, Adarsh Scam will ultimately crop up in the proposed department to be preferably named ‘Haven Bound’. Never mind, a new investigation agency can be set up (No pun meant!) exclusively to probe such matters which are natural gifts of the Politician-Bureaucrat-Criminal nexus ruling the roost in India.
Now the question arises, “How to make the beginning?” For that matter, all the environmentalists should join their heads to begin at the beginning. So much so some political party can also be persuaded to take up this as a “Mudda” (Issue) during ever-happening elections in the country.
As my personal contribution to the save environment campaign, I am going to donate my dead body to PGI Chandigarh for medical research, when the time comes. Secondly I request all my Internet Friends and Acquaintances to share this write-up with all their Internet Friends and Acquaintances. Success? That is bound to come if some Indians take it seriously – “Kaun kehta hai aakaash mein surakh nahin ho sakta, Aik pathar to tabiat se ushalo yaaro ... !”
Furthermore, I know some readers are likely to scoff at my suggestion but I care a fig for that and I quote the following time-tested finding:-
“ When you do something revolutionary for public good, majority of people will laugh at you. If you persist, they will get angry with you. If you still persist, they will begin to question your credentials. And if you still persist with positive mind, they will come to follow you.”

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