Wednesday, 16 May 2012

For the Literary Minded only ... !

My novella ‘Sensual Indian’ published (July 2011) by is available as a hard copy as well as an e-Book. A search for ‘Sensual Indian : Novella by Jani Zirakpuria’ on all pervasive Google brings out the list of book trading concerns where the novella is available. One of the links is :
An excerpt
"Lifting the glasses, they discussed ‘the weather’ during first round and changed over to ‘the purpose of human life’ during the second. As 'the weather' was ‘just lovely’ and the ‘purpose of life’ boiled down to ‘just an effort at give and take of happiness with malice towards none’, the third round saw them changing glasses after every sip and ‘unintentionally’ nudging each other. The fourth round they made ‘lovely’ and finished along with the ‘lazy dinner’, following which they ventured out to the circular veranda for a symbolic walk."
My background and philosophy behind the novella
“I was born in a farmer’s family in Multan district of pre-partition India. I served Govt. of Free India, for three and a half decades. My job, as a faceless operative concerning national security under trying conditions, warranted brain-storming use of eyes and ears as well as lots and lots of report writing. I believe, the main goal of human life is happiness without infringing upon the rights of others. For happiness, I live by dividing my time in three modes; past, future and present. I know, the ‘past’ is dead and gone and the ‘future’ is mystery and so I try to live and enjoy life in its ‘present’ mode. Also, I support women's empowerment in India by law.
I have selected ‘erotica genre’ of ‘straight orientation’ to give vent to my pent up creativity; visualizing a vast need for the same at the international level. So, because I find an acute shortage of this genre in the ‘literary world’ where the writers take to tight-rope-walking and are mortally afraid of venturing behind the closed bedroom doors. That leaves the reader guessing and disappointed. That brings in the opportunists who feed the reader with flimsy and unnatural material on love and sensuality. Taking Internet as an index of what is available to the inquisitive billions in the name of sensual (also read sexual) activity, I feel there is dire need of decent material.
I live in a new city of Indian Punjab namely Zirakpur, evolving near Chandigarh, from which I have taken my Pen Name: Jani Zirakpuria. I respect English as my Professional Language, Hindi as my National Language and Punjabi as my Mother Tongue. Also Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri, Gojri and Haryanvi are 'treat' for me!"

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