Sunday, 20 May 2012

Climate Change - Do you care ... ?

1. Climate change is a major problem caused by the human activities like increased usage of fossil fuels, increased usage of land for agriculture and deforestation.
2. Climate change will make monsoons unpredictable. As a result, rain-fed wheat cultivation n cereals will be affected in a big way and may lead to scarcity of food.
3. Higher temperatures in the cities would lead to an increase in the ground-level concentration of ozone thereby increasing air pollution problems.
4. With changes in key climate variables, namely temperature, precipitation n humidity-crucial sectors like agriculture n rural development are much being affected.
5. As the climate change wreaks its havoc across the globe, ecosystems could disappear altogether or they may undergo serious and irreversible changes.
6. The government can mandate that buildings integrate green technologies such as solar photovoltaic systems that can stop change of climate at fast rate.